23 Disember 2010

iklan jap oi...

iklan 1
ChurpChurp | Social Share » The Celcom Everyone Sale is back! (Preview)
What's better than ending my 2010 with a superb deal from #CelcomEveryone? The Blackberry 9780 is so gonna be mine!

iklan 2
Love applications, be it on a Smartphone or Tablet for gaming, informative or educational purposes? Here's your chance to do so AND be rewarded for it! Create an #iPad & an iPad is yours!

iklan 3
How do you like the idea of playing Fruit Ninja on a Samsung Galaxy Tab with your friends during New Year's? Celcom is having a GREAT SALE & the deals are too good to be missed! #CelcomGreatSale

iklan 4
Wee! All of us should try out the #whatberryareyou today! Woots! Share this with your friends today!

iklan 5
Feeling a little odd? Rosevelt have the best Madicine for you. @roseveltband #roseveltband
cukup tak iklan aku kali ni??? haaa... ala jgn la marah sekali sekala aku memainkan peranan sebagai advertiser.. hehehe... oitt.. bukan takde idea nak tulis eeehhh.. amboih2.. cili kang!!

enjoylah iklan yang mana ada yee... hohohoho ...

p/s : malam ni aku tulis cerita BAEK PUNYEEEE!!!! :P.. tunggu kan aje!! jgn isaulah i tak tipu punyeeee~~~

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