23 Mei 2010

today is my birthday!!! weeeee~~~


what is the special bout may??? MY BIRTHDAY!! YEAY !! today is my 26th birthday.. and its become more sweeet because i share a same month with my sister and my BFF Puan Budi!!! hehehehe.. sadly i can't celebrate with her coz of distance... huhuhu isk.. isk...

today, me and my sister celebrate it... huhuhu... i bought cuppies with kak ana .. and my mum made nasi dagang for our bitrhday... thanks mak!!!! luv u so muchhhh!!!!!

present... huhuhu.. i got primavera shoes...(actually, primavera ada sale, buy 1 free 1) yeahhh~~~ at last.. i can wear primavera shoes.... huhuhu.. can it be considered as a gift?? hehehe boleh la kannn...wekkk!!!

my wish~~ everybody ask me.. what is ur wish for ur 26th birthday???

1) good health!! for me , parents and whole family
2) better job (permananet)
3) weatlh and zero debt!!
4) better man (mcm lagu omputih tu huhuhu)

tu jeeee... huhuhu...

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Arai@Nana berkata...

hepi besday..umo kite dh sebaya..yeayyyy