04 Mei 2010

CUZZEE2CuZZe3 2 month ol' leady!!!

hye there... bulan ni bulan kedua aku try bisnes melalui internet.. hehe.. my 1st batch is going well.. walaupun buyer tu dikalangan kawan2 seopis aku, sangat2 membantu.. thanks guys.. luv u all muaxxx!!! and now is my 2nd batch make a bussines using internet.. this 2nd batch is superb.. most of the buyer are outsider (actually my old school mate, x collegues x officemate.. ok la tu kan) .. huhuhu... and for the first time i'll post the item via pos laju... huhuhu nervous seehh~~~ takut barang tak sampai laaa mcam2laaaa.. huhuhu...

here , i would like thank u all for support me, pray for me and help me build up my cuzzee2cuzzee.. i promise i'll do my best, serve u the best ...
thanks all.. insyaallah there will be 3rd batch of cuzzee2cuzzee for next month.. hehehe... MUAHHHHH xoxo

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