04 April 2010

MY Love StorY (^_^)v

hai .. Today I feel like I to write something in this blog about my love .. urmm I was in love but do not end up with what we planned .. everything is gone .. But its over, lately i felt i ready to get married .. sound itchy is it? hehehe .. im not desperate but I'm ready .. not like before.

I promise to my mother, I want to finish my single days in 2011 .. hahahha! berani mati punye statement heheh .. I tried hard to find somebody to be my future hubby .. hehehe .. acquainted with many people but not many want to act (which really means da ready to get married) .. eMm have a question .. What delivery order bride I pray that his long-ngan ... But when he graduates want to act .. true to his love to me, or empty talk je .. ermm .. entahlah .. anything beb .. I da bgtau all about my secret date .. hehehe .. If he serious he would come la kan .. if not those who come are the apple of my heart even though I said NO!

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lyndaa kamarudin berkata...

ape ntah yg aku tulis.. aku sendiri tak paham hehehe.. aku copy paste.. wekk~~